Nude suicide

Sivas Kangal

Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.
Doubtful, normally they do it in a position of comfort while masturbating and only choke themselves when close to/as they orgasm. Normally they are standing up only when someone else is there to "help" them get off.
Really depends on what they are into. Some enjoy hanging and not just at the moment of climax, a belt through the door frame is frequently used method (that is supposed to eventually slip through and release them, or maybe not).
If he had a webcam pointed at him I might know the guy who talked him into it. It is a popular "online" pursuit for some folks.


winter sucks
Better not to say anything about it even if you aren't serious. I was wondering, "Doesn't he know the FBI is investigating some guy right now in Gg?" :eek:


My gift to you, a Nightmare of terror
because of the color of his bottom half, it almost looks like he got 'dipped in the chocolate fountain at the Buffet!!:lulz: