Nude suicide


nothing like bloody clown sex!!!!
maybe he should have tied the rope to his oscor mayer weiner har har har....... got to love the socks , nice touch har har har:asskisser:

John Connor

The dude was probably like "damn I'm so fucking hard right now even though I planned this suicide for years. Fuck it. I'll rub one out real quick and then do it." :wank:

PTSD Is My Life

The internal medal for the wars I still fight
I wasn't being literal, it just looked that way as he was, apart from the socks, naked! It just seemed odd he stripped for the occasion.
Maybe he stripped to shock those who found him...... like hanging from a bloody rope would be "shocking" enough... One thing fer sure we won't know unless we join him.... any volunteers, I can't I'm going for a shit


he enjoyed the autoerotic by himself and it was failed and dead...
for sure he got extreme orgasm ...
anyway, autoerotic is a highly dangerous method of sexual behavior.