Nude suicide

6 pages....and that was "it"?? One pic of some selfish dumbass?? Maybe he thought he was gonna look good naked after he was dead. Fuck was he WRONG!!


Why do people get naked to end their lives? I mean no one look sexy with a semi, apparently chicks are supposedly what gets some guys going but most decent looking chicks keep their clothes on, but if you are butt ass ugly and overweight it's a requirement to get naked... I'm at a loss to full understand that.
SUICIDE? NO. This is a job for Miss Grue-Sum, the 'Columbo' of gore. Can you say "Autoerotic Asphyxiation"? There. I knew you could. The corpse's family is embarrassed that this man was found dead while suspended from the ceiling, diddling his dingle while taking his last breath. So they manipulated the news and press to say it was a suicide (like actor David Carradine, 'Kill Bill'). The dead man's half-hard penis (he called it 'Charles') was very angry, because now that his master is dead, there is no one to play with Charles......Excuse me, I have to go now, I feel like I'm about to cry. :( Nice post, D.O.A.