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Flatus Tube

I have knocked Chuck Norris out, twice.
If I got chance, I would drug him in the same way. Then chain him to a pole somewhere quiet with a selection of weapons, tools and extra large dildos surrounding him. I’d then let him wake up and watch me post this video of him on a domestic abuse victims forum with his location. Then, I’d sit in the comfy lazy boy chair I’d already set up nearby and eat some popcorn while he got his ‘lesson’.


Omelette du Fromage! (PS: DickButt)
Well at least he's not stabbing her,like in that other jungle love video.
care to provide a link ?
Got me curious now
Thing is, many white women now choose to fuck Basketball Americans only. They've been brainwashed into thinking Basketball Americans are the epitome of masculinity by the mass media since the 80s or so...
But, aren't black lives the only lives that matter ?
Or did the media lie to me ?