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shit like this makes my blood boil, i'm glad the dogs were found and are ok...


A lurcher dog nursing six newborn puppies has been found chained to a gate in Co Roscommon.
The mother dog was spotted in a field near Elphin, by a kind-hearted person who alerted the Gardaí and the ISPCA.
There was no food or water left with the animals and it's not known how long they were left there.
Animal-lovers have slammed the callous act, with the ISPCA saying it was lucky the little family were found in time.
ISPCA Centre Manager Hugh O’Toole said: “Leaving a young dog only two years old tied up without water, food or shelter most definitely put her along with her young puppies’ lives at risk.
"We are urging pet owners to spay or neuter their pets as early as possible to reduce the high number of unwanted animals.

The pups are now safe

"I don’t understand how anyone can think it is okay to leave a dog tied to a gate to nurse her puppies.
"With the recent level of rainfall and cold weather this week, the outcome could have been very different and I’m happy we were alerted so we could help them”.
Efforts have been made to trace the dog's owner but she was not microchipped.
Hugh added: “The dog was scanned to trace her owner but unfortunately she was not microchipped which, is a legal requirement.
"Our centres are constantly full to capacity and with very limited resources, we sometimes have had to use private boarding kennels to help the number of animals waiting to come in, once space becomes available.

A lurcher dog was found nursing her six new born puppies while chained to a gate in a field near Elphin, Co. Roscommon. A kind-hearted member of the public discovered them and alerted the Gardaí and the ISPCA.READ MORE

"It can also take time to find good responsible homes for the many animals in our care."
The dog has been named Emmy Lou and her pups have been named Billy Ray, Dixie, Dolly, Dotty, June and Patsy.
They will remain in ISPCA care until the New Year until they are old enough to be rehomed.
Anybody with any information is asked to contact the ISPCA National Animal Cruelty Helpline in confidence on 1890 515 515 or report online.


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It makes me so upset seeing shit like this, it's the very worst human than can abuse an animal in my opinion. One of my dogs is a rescue, she's from a litter of 12, the woman owner killed 10 of the puppies and was caught mid way killing my girl, by kicking and stomping their heads in, My girl has no teeth in the left half of her mouth and her face looks like she's had a stroke as its so droopy, Ive had her 9 years now and she is the love of my life, My best one, my irreplaceable. So glad these little babies were rescued.


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I am so happy that a good samartian came along in the nick of time to rescue that gorgeous mother dog and her pups,there in good hands now the mother looks to be greyhound/black lab mix a very gentle kind girl she is I would be honored to have her or one of her pups in my family.🥰🤩🤗

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