NZ mosque mass shooting 15-March-19


Holy fucking mother fucker!
One Christian white guy can do what thousands of other Muslims failed to do, that's not racism anymore, that's pure science
Whatever... I'm not arguing either mate... Look at the video again... I'm not a gun expert... But from what I saw he wasn't an amateur as you say.... This guy owned that 1 kiilomtre block in 5 minutes or less without any help , fear and when he went yo his car the first time I thought he would have sped off but he went back and wasn't afraid of any recourse..... He fucked them up
There was quite a bit of evidence to say he was trained by the Israeli's though wasn't there?
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This guys irl shitposting is on point, the media reported he was claiming to be a navy seal with 300 confirmed kills. He's playing 'Bosnia Strong(k)' on his player. He wrote in his maifesto Candace Owen is nice but her views are too extreme.

He has them reporting memes as 'facts'. Pewdiepie is right wing too so this seemingly random comment will trigger twitter/online SJW's harder on him.

I mean.. pewdiepies not.. maybe centre right... He's hardly far right, he's not this alt right nonsense..
(Yeah bringing up an old post I know) just seems like the view the media and tarrant wanted to put on things..
To further radicalise people on all sides and give good grounds amongst the average person to silence any potentially opposing voices on the internet in future.
All orchestrated me thinks..
Played right into the media's and governments hands
E.u and u.n are laughing their heads off these days