NZ Shooting Aftermath

I’m really lost for words, on all the threads/videos I’ve seen, 95% of the people are saying what he did was a good thing to do. I don’t even know why I’m bothering to express my feelings on a site full of hate and where people hold little value for human life, but when I saw the poor child in his dads arms, a guy with blood spilling from his head a few meters away, that kid’s going to be traumatized for life, hopefully he gets help, otherwise he will be just as vengeful, full of hate as well. We have every right to be angry at what they’ve done, but most of the population appears the be no better that the extremists, I’ve met lovely Muslims in the park while my child played with theirs, and I’m assuming most of them migrate to other countries to get their families away from all the violence, and yes a few bad apples come with them who want to cause terror.

This attack has solved absolutely nothing, it’s more likely caused more problems, violence begets violence, this will probably cause outrage, even in the peace loving Muslims may feel the need for retaliation now, a vicious cycle that we’ve practicing since we were cavemen no doubt, why can’t we seem to purge these primal urges and impulses, is it really so hard wired into our brains, are we doomed to keep waging war till we use nuclear or bio-weapons and repeat the cycle over again from the Stone Age. I feel like even I’m no better , I try to be nice to everyone, treat others how I want to be treated, but I admit watching the initial video I felt exhilaration watching it remembering what’s happened to us, and shame for feeling that way after watching this, it’s like war, you feel righteous fighting off the enemy for ‘your’ country, but in the aftermath, seeing the field of bodies. Are we not all children of earth, John Lennon tried to encourage world peace, but he got fucking shot.

If the Illuminati is real maybe they are right, population reduced to several million, one country, one government & let nature thrive. We are truly disgusting creatures, no other species comes close to the atrocities we’re capable of. I don’t believe in any religion, I don’t believe there’s a heaven or hell, this is only life we have and all I really want to see is a peaceful, loving world for our children and theirs. Which of course will never happen, we’ll always wage war, and I fear greatly for what the future holds for my/everyone’s children.
P.S - I know there’s no point in getting riled up about this, there’s always going to be evil shitheads who enjoy others suffering, something more terrible than the last seems to happen everyday, usually I just desensitize myself to it & move on, but when there’s innocent children suffering, who did nothing to deserve it, well I need to get it out & say something rather than bottle it up or the anguish insides me builds up and I get depressed, which is hard enough avoiding when you hear shit like this everyday, and on the news every night (which I don’t watch usually because they misinform and don’t tell the whole truth), I guess I could never come back on the site again, but like the quotes a moth drawn to the flame & curiosity killed the cat, I can’t help but wonder what dickhead has done what today.

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PsychedeliSmoke said:
"I’m lost for words...I don’t even know why I’m bothering to express my feelings...where people hold little value for human life..."

"I admit watching the video...I felt exhilaration watching it..."

"I feel like even I’m no better..."

You're feeling is correct, you are no better than the rest of us. No worse either...but certainly no better.

You're on a gore site...just like the rest of us.
You're here to view gore...just like the rest of us.

The subconscious and subliminal intent of your polemic is not so much to convince others, as it is an attempt to convince convince yourself that you have more value for human life than convince yourself that perhaps you view gore from the vantage point of a higher moral road than others.

But alas, in reality you're viewing gore for the same reason as the rest of us...entertainment...a macabre form of entertainment.

If you view gore only once or twice, then you can attribute your reason for doing so to curiosity. And then you can say to yourself..."Oh hell no, I'm not going to watch any more of that stuff...because I have too much value for human life."

But when you're viewing gore on a regular basis, then you're doing so for entertainment...and there's nothing wrong with that.
You haven't perpetrated any gore're simply viewing gore that has been perpetrated by others...and I wouldn't doubt that you've probably watched it while munching on some chips and thinking to yourself..."better him than me."

And again...there's nothing wrong with that.
However, it becomes incongruous and invites a certain amount of cynicism when you try to square your great value for human life with your enjoyment of watching gore videos while munching on chips.
As Thoreau said..."The more he spoke of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons."

You're aware this is a gore site aren't you? Some fucker just posted a dead baby ejected from the mother as a birthday post.. you think we're going to roll out the rainbow banners and set loose the doves?

And in a real sense
Islam is hate
Muslim's are evil even just by being complicit or making excuses for the actions of their kind, it's not about race.. more religion and cultural differences, which should be fine! But through no fault of our own it's not, they don't like us, they don't like the west, they don't want to assimilate, they want to take over.
Every day Muslims kill en masse
Every week there's hundreds+ more victims
They kill eachother
And then they kill anyone who doesn't agree
They kill their own family members
They slaughter innocents
They fight to turn everywhere into some shithole caliphate
So please take your soft headed, cavernous hearted, sensitive, apologistic bollocks someplace else.. surely there's a kiss the cartels group or shamima begum parenting class you could spout your rubbish at instead.
Grow the fuck up and look at the world
Memers, posters on goregrish, Christians, non religious people etc etc the majority of people who think are not the problem..
Islam is

Darth Pepe

As a human being i have some sympathy, but as someone who's seen their own country being turned upside down, and seeing and hearing rants like i do not recognize british law and them demanding sharia here in the UK i don't really have much sympathy for them as a collective.
They don't belong here, and certainly have no business preaching hate in our streets, and i think of all the terrorist attacks perpetrated globally by muslims since 2001.
Brenton Tarrant woke the world up to the threat they pose

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I have to laugh whenever I read a post or an article on a news site that states a friendly, loving Muslim standing at the front door of the mosque gave the white guy (Brenton Tarrant) a warm, peaceful greeting by saying "Hello brother, welcome."

That Muslim saw the white guy walking towards the front door of the mosque with a rifle in his hands.
He wasn't giving him a peaceful greeting because he was a warm loving Muslim...he was giving him a phony and disingenuous peaceful greeting because he was nervous and was thinking that his ass might be grass.

Sort of like a fellow whistling nervously as he's walking past a cemetery at midnight.

That Muslim was thinking that maybe if he was nice enough and syrupy enough, then maybe he wouldn't get shot.


Darth Nuki

It's human to feel sympathy, that part I get. But honestly, I can't see why people choose too get all mushy about this. Looking back at everything that has happened internationally, these rag heads set the standard for violence and crowd attacks. They don't have the balls to go all out assault so they choose soft targets ie: Churches, Group events, children, etc. So yeah, I see it as karma. VERY ENTERTAINING KARMA. . .