Obama speech to La Raza (THE RACE in Spanish): I wish I could be a dictator


i hear fox network is hiring people who have the abillity to bend everything their way

He is speaking to a radical group of Mexican Nationalists called "The Race".

My question to you was this, how is this different than a White president attending a KKK or National Socialist meeting? Where is the outrage? Where are all of the Jewish owned MSM stories about how Obama is a racist? Where are the stories about Eric Holder saying hate crime charges only apply to Whites when they are being filed against them? Is this a double standard? Why is there no outrage about things like this?

Oh, and I think Fox News is even more moronic than liberal, nigger worshipping news like MSNBC and CNN. Fox is just controlled opposition full of neo-cons doing anything to make Israel sound like they are right. I really wouldn't work there no matter what the pay. I wouldn't lie to my people for Israeli gains. I know, how White of me. Something you could never understand.

So you can answer my question, or just reply with some stupid one line comment like you have every other time.


that was last week, this week i am a grand wizzard of the order of ktulu.
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