Obama's Drug Policy


The first marijuana law in America was enacted in Jamestown colony in 1619. It ordered all farmers to grow Cannabis. More mandatory hemp cultivation laws were enacted in Massachusetts in 1631, and in Connecticut 1632, and the Chesapeake Colonies. Meanwhile in England, the crown decreed that any foreigners who grew Cannabis would be rewarded with full British citizenship, while those who refused to grow hemp were often fined. Cannabis was even recognized as legal tender in most of the Americas from 1631 until the early 1800's, mainly to encourage farmers to grow more. Americans could even pay their taxes with Cannabis for over 2 centuries.



Representing Zionism
Gil Kerlikowski. The guy who thinks average people are too dumb to own guns, yet he left his service pistol on his front seat loaded in plain view only to get stolen. The guy who ordered his officers to stand down while a gang of negroes beat some kid to death in 2000.

Only idiots take the Huffington post as being any more then a yellow press. And only a bigger dumbass would take anything that candy-ass Gil Kerlikowski says seriously.
hemp from a few centuries ago is a far cry from the cannabis sold for recreational purposes today. so what if it grew on the white house lawn? so do mushrooms, and i don't see anyone crusading for psychoactive fungus.

that being said, yeah, the war on drugs and fed policy is a joke.