Off with his head


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Off with his head
Some vintage guillotine execution pics and history of the guillotine.
" Primitive ancestors of the guillotine were used in Ireland, England and Italy in the 14th and 15th Centuries. Several known decapitation devices such as the Italian Mannaia, the Scottish Maiden, and the Halifax Gibbet are well documented and may pre-date the use of the French guillotine by as much as 500 years. The following deals mostly with the modern guillotine from the late 18th Century until today. It is not meant to be a complete history or even a complete overview of the history as this would take hundreds of pages. Instead consider it a brief introduction to the subject highlighted by a few good pictures."

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1. Here is a collage of some of the heads claimed by the guillotine over the years (Left to Right, Top to Bottom): Juan Vidal (1910), Auguste DeGroote (1893), Joseph Vacher (1898), Canute Vromant (1909), Lenard, Oillic, Thepaut and Carbucci (1866), Jean-Baptiste Picard (1862), Abel Pollet (1909), Charles Swartewagher (1905), Louis Lefevre (1915), Edmond Claeys (1893), Albert Fournier (1920), Theophile Deroo (1909), Jean Van de Bogaert (1905) and Auguste Pollet (1909) - Lefevre's head underwent a brain autopsy after the execution, which explains the incision across the forehead (Not a botched execution as claimed by the French magazine that published the photo).

7. This picture depicts the real "work" of the guillotine. The body resting on the morgue slab is Albert Fournier, triple murderer and rapist, executed by Anatole Deibler, at Tours, in February 1920 .

8.&9.Another pair of ugly pictures from the autopsy of the Pollet gang, executed in 1909 in Bethune. (8)Canute Vromant's decapitated body on the examination table. (9) The severed heads of the Pollet brothers. This picture is much less known than the famous one that is found in nearly every guillotine book.

9. This photo is of the heads of the two other members of the Pollet gang, Canute Vromant and Theophile Deroo taken - according to the note on the picture - just a quarter of an hour after the execution.