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Woman Remove panties and Uses It As Face Mask in Front of Queuing Customers After She Was Denied Service at Ukraine Post Office
Most of the countries are under strict lockdown at this moment, in a hope to flatten the curve. However, many incidents are reported as a challenge to the measures while containing the spread of coronavirus that is causing COVID-19.
Millions are being infected and with no vaccination being available yet, people are asked to stay at home and step only for essential services but adhering social distancing rules in public places and wearing masks.

A woman in Ukraine was denied service recently as she was not wearing a face mask, while visiting a post office at Kiev. The staff at the office told she would not be attended unless she was wearing a protective mask. Hence, the unidentified woman stripped off her knickers in front of the queuing customers and shoved them on her head, as a mask!

The incident was captured at the post office’s CCTV footage that shows the woman approaching the counter without a face covering. In the clip, the woman can be seen spoken to by a member of staff, presumably due to her lack of face covering, before she gestures outside the shop.

To escape any further argument and also to have to join another lengthy post office queue, the woman takes off her leggings, followed by her knickers and wear it as a facemask. The Nova Posha Post Office has confirmed the incident to local media reports .

The video was posted on social media by an employee of the company, who reportedly faces charges for sharing company information

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