Operation Miranda Tapes of Torture by Leonard Lake and Charles Ng


Short Bussed
As part of Operation Miranda, inspired by The Collector – a book by John Fowles, serial killers Leonard Lake and Charles Ng videotaped their female victims, whom they called the M Ladies to have the torment they were subjected to captured for later viewing. After the raid of their bunker in Wilseyville, California the police recovered the tapes the serial killers filmed. Content of the tapes was leaked and I’d like to present it to you.
Even though there is no doubt that female victims of Leonard Lake and Charles Ng went through hell while locked up in the bunker, the Operation Miranda tapes do not contain any of it. Leonard Lake and Charles Ng raped and tortured their female victims before murdering them and burning their corpses, but neither rape, nor torture made it on the tapes. All the tapes show is a little bit of what you could call psychological torture, but that’s about it. Other than a philosophy entry by Leonard Lake himself.
The victims in the tapes appear very relaxed. Brenda O’Connor is only curious about the whereabouts of her baby and Kathleen Allen looks like she couldn’t wait for some torture to start already. That could only mean one of two things – either the cops kept the juicy parts for themselves and refuse to share, or this is all that the serial killers filmed.
There are also rumors that actual torture and snuff tapes were made, but Leonard Lake sold them for a lot of money. This, if true would make a lot of sense since the killers did put the girls through systematic torture, rape and eventually killed them, so why not tape it and cash in on it? No such tape has allegedly been recovered so the rumor remains a rumor. I wonder if we ever find out for sure if somebody out there has a video of what really happened in Wilseyville, but doesn’t want to share cause it cost a lot of money to obtain.

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