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Good find Graz, more missing links to humans getting found all the time.
Except for the ape that escaped Africa, evolved into the basis of the Roman Empire then went back to Africa once it leveled up enough, to abduct proto-niggers who were too stupid to evolve into something better by then (maybe the specific ape niggers came from was tapped out?) while their more adventurous ape ancestors had already discovered places like sweden, a new facial structure and a fair complexion, or evolved into a full blown asian someplace else, or had long crumbled to dust in the ruins of Mesopotamia, which looks like Saddam Hussein's house when you glue it back together.

Fuck Darwin and fuck his monkeys.

Lions and tigers are all cats but they don't look the same. Same with dogs, birds, whatever. Imo we're all different species of the same creature. It's not a far fetched idea either. Spawning from an ape is.