Owner defends 'gore' site connected to Luka Magnotta (1 Viewer)

inappropriate behavior

Your apology is accepted :)
Say what you will about that dooshy website... it did make the real world news lol :shrug:

Owner defends 'gore' site connected to Luka Magnotta
Doesn't believe video sent by suspect

CBC News

Posted: May 31, 2012 7:34 PM ET

Last Updated: May 31, 2012 8:07 PM ET

The owner of a graphic website that showcases grisly videos says that his site should be praised for helping identify Luka Rocco Magnotta, who is alleged to be in a video believed to depict the stabbing and dismemberment of a man.
In an email exchange with CBC News, Edmonton-based Mark Marek, owner of Best Gore website, said members of his site were able to identify Magnotta days before the discovery of the torso in Montreal and a foot at the Conservative Party of Canada headquarters in Ottawa. A hand was also found at a Canada Post terminal that was addressed to the Liberal Party of Canada headquarters.
Magnotta, 29, is wanted in connection with the discovery of those body parts and the video.
"People should be grateful and thank [the] great job Best Gore did to ensure everyone's safety," Marek said.
"Because the video was made public, Best Gore community was able to identify the [suspect] and report it."
Marek said he doesn't believe the 10½ minute video was sent to him by Magnotta.
"I do not actually run background checks on my contributor so I can’t say that for sure. By the sound of it, I doubt it was Magnotta, but as I said, I neither have the capabilities nor interest in verifying identities of contributors," he said.
"Many would not contribute if they had no option to remain anonymous. But I'm 99 per cent sure it was not Magnotta. No, the tone in which it was sent to me – no, it just wasn’t him."
Marek said the video was forwarded to him on May 25 and posted on the same day. He said it is not known when it was filmed.
He said police have not yet contacted him.
Marek described the site as the "largest reality news website" on the internet that plays an important role in informing people "what may lurk in their neighbourhoods."
"Myself and other Best Gore members are people who don't live with rose tinted sunglasses permanently mounted on our faces. We see the real nature of men on a daily basis so this video was just another example of what we know people are capable of."
He dismissed critics of the site, saying that they feel "threatened when their rose colored world is exposed for not being this cosy warm place they force themselves to believe it is."
He said the website has actually contributed to making safer neighbourhoods.
"There are literally thousands of people who can attest to that and confirm that the breaking point was their exposure to content on Best Gore. Best Gore exposes the real threats — the drunk drivers, the reckless drivers, the animal abusers, etc - they are the ones who need to be regulated, not websites that expose them."



My gift to you, a Nightmare of terror
What? Did I miss something? Best Gore is such a wonderful site that it shows the murder of an individual so that the bad guy could be brought to justice? Where have I been? I guess I better start paying attention! I guess what I really mean is, WHAT THE FUCK?
I hope the owner of the site doesn't break his arm trying to pat himself on the back.
And by the way, why does this show that I gave this article a "like" when I know I did not?


These are great days we're living, bros
Mark is another webfag like cgas who will play his members to gain 15 minutes of fame or keep his site running. One day you'll wake up and bestgore will redirect to liveleak II or whatever, mark will buy bifocals and a cheap suit and class himself as a media outlet. Then he can hire ppl to cut paste his DMCA notices

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These are great days we're living, bros
haha marek is such a faggot

Can't say I've really ever looked at his site (in depth), but all I know is he looks at ours and tries to have us blocked in google search results wherever possible. I'd almost call that a nice business tactic except I don't run a business here, and mark is more of a charity cause then a internets CEO. I did notice his server crash when this video doing the rounds now was pointed out, so I look forward to seeing how he raises new revenue to upgrade his junk.

but hey mark, if you need someone who can compile nginx, $50 an hour I'm yours, or I can get you a Russian for $30.

inappropriate behavior

Your apology is accepted :)
The more I read about this guys reaction to all the media and their "exclusive" web access, the stranger this story all seems.

I seriously would not doubt if bestgore's owner had prior knowledge of the crime and possibly even a contract with the killer or an agreement beforehand - whether it be that Marek agreed to release luka's identity or sold him out to try gain more fame once he had the video. Below is an excerpt from the CBC news story, note how Marek speaks of receiving the video and talks about luka as if he knows him and his mannerisms...

"But I'm 99 per cent sure it was not Magnotta. No, the tone in which it was sent to me – no, it just wasn’t him."

Per the May 15th internet postings, seems the poster that's asking about the icepick video (likely luka himself) states several times that the killer is unknown, about 20yrs old and not apprehended. It almost seems as if he wasn't planning (at that time anyway) to have his identity revealed. He also states that he's paid to create the snuff film for an unnamed third party.

Time will tell if this is the case or not, and at this point it's pure conjecture, but considering how narcissistic that mark fag is, the fact both he and the killer are located in canada, his site's exclusive access to content that clearly he benefitted from and the revelation of the killer's identity before the police even knew of the murder... it seems he had more motive that anyone.

It will be interesting to hear what the police find on his hard drives, especially his communications for the 13th - 15th of May. Whether he intended for it or not, I'm pretty certain he's being investigated by police now and considered a suspect.

I'm not surprised.


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Unfortunately I found bestgore right before coming to GG, I didn't stick around due to Markfag's faggotry and I was very annoyed at his constant patting himself on the back and saying fleshy virus 50 times in every post. He is probably butt buddies with Luka.
Marek described the site as the "largest reality news website" on the internet..

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