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Pakistani Transsexual Burned by Mob

Discussion in 'Beatings, Fights & Torture' started by Elvis_presley, Sep 11, 2018.

  1. Elvis_presley

    Elvis_presley In your wife's wet dreams

    A transgender person was burnt alive by unidentified people at a cab stand at Mall Mandi Chowk here on Thursday.

    According to police, four men took the transgender person to a deserted place near the cab station and attempted to sexually assault her.

    She was doused in petrol before being set on fire for resisting their attempts. She was shifted to the Sahiwal DHQ Hospital to be referred to Lahore; however, the victim of the hate crime succumbed to her injuries before further treatment.

    The Fateh Sher police have not registered a case of the incident. According to hospital sources, the victim suffered 80 per cent burns on the body. After her death, there were no claimants of her body.

    Investigation Officer Jaffar Husain told a local media outlet that the police under section 74 of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) handed over the body to the municipality staff which buried the body.

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  2. Moral of this story :
    Don't hang out at cab stands.
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  3. Blood_Sport

    Blood_Sport Utter bastard

    The 4 men are now gay !

    MISS GRUE-SUM Rookie

    He's probably thinking 'Oh shit, my makeup is smeared and my lipstick is wearing off'. How embarrassed he must have been.
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  5. Equal Hater

    Equal Hater Unbannable by decree!

    You know you hit the bottom of the sexual barrel when a Paki tranny denies you some ass....
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  6. Honest One


    Looked the inside of her mouth was charred too.:heckno:
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  7. lovedeadmigs

    lovedeadmigs msr's neihbor.

    It is from the petrol smoke, probably diesel. This is also why she /he/it did not burn very well.
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  8. zinfandel

    zinfandel The hair-flip of death

    That's effed up. You should get burned like this for harming children, not because you're transgender.
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  9. rottenfresh

    rottenfresh ummmmm, You smell that? Morbid Mania

    They wanted to fuck him but I guess that's perfectly fine.:rollseyes2:
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  10. Jehanne Darc

    Jehanne Darc NewbieX

    Oh hell yeah!!! They cooked her real good! And the only way this could have been any better, is if they'd filmed themselves setting her on fire! Can you image how great she'd have looked burning up like that?
    And considering that she's not still steaming or too hot to handle, you have to assume that once she cooled down, those guys gang-raped the shit out of her anyway! Talk about hosing her down!!!
  11. snatch

    snatch Avidly prowling for spoil

  12. Roger Escude

    Roger Escude Well Known Member

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