Paraplegic offender avoids jail


These are great days we're living, bros
Paraplegic offender avoids jail

SEVEN young friends crammed into a small car screamed at their learner driver to slow down before the vehicle slammed into a pole at 124km/h, a court has been told.

The driver, Kuong Majak, 25, survived fleeing war-torn Sudan only to become a paraplegic in Australia after she got behind the wheel of the car following a night of drinking in October 2008

Majak is confined to a wheelchair and requires 24-hour care at a Williamstown respite centre as a result of her injuries, described by Judge Lacava as "catastrophic".

LMAO chalk another win up for the retards in the Australian government.

"What did you drive before you came to this country?"
"A donkey"
"No worries, here is motor vehicle drivers licence and a 5lt v8 commodore"

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