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Athens, Greece (CNN) -- One person was wounded Monday when a parcel bomb exploded at a private courier company in Greece, according to the nation's Public Order Ministry.
The woman suffered mild wounds to her hands when the bomb exploded as she was moving packages, the ministry said. The package was in an envelope addressed to the Mexican Embassy. Police said it was delivered by two men.
Two suspects were arrested after police cordoned off the surrounding area, the ministry said. Both were wearing wigs and one of them was wearing a bulletproof vest. Both also were carrying Glock 9mm pistols and were in possession of another explosive parcel addressed to French President Nikolas Sarkozy, the ministry and police said.
The package was detonated by police.
The men arrested are ages 22 and 24, and both are Greek nationals, police said. One of the two men arrested is a suspected member of the Greek leftist militant group Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire.
Meanwhile, two other parcel bombs were found nearby. One -- addressed to the Belgian Embassy -- was detonated in a controlled explosion at a bus station near where the suspects were arrested after police identified it as a suspicious package. The other was found at another courier company in the same area, addressed to the Netherlands Embassy.
Authorities were examining video from the first courier company in an effort to identify the person who delivered the envelope, the ministry said.

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