pastor whips daughter for playing video games


nothing like bloody clown sex!!!!
typical fucking religous fanatics GOD AND THE WHOLE RELIGION THING ARE DANGEROUS HOAXES PEOPLE KILL BECAUSE THEY THINK THATS WHAT THERE IMAGINARY FREIND WANTS, no that goes to show the amount of insane lunatics roaming the street , fuck religion


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three things


2 if you don't want your kid playing video games/on the comp d/l music maybe don't let them have a way to do that?
3 love the bart simpson poster

that is all


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Idk, I made a boo boo and didn't know that there was a thread for the video already. maybe it says in that thread. it didn't say from the site I got it from though


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I was raised a Christian and can assure you not every religious upbringing is like this, in fact, I hate the stereotypes aSSholes like this perpetuate! >< I am agnostic now, but cannot say I regret how I was raised at all. And it was nothing like this....... js