Photos from Chris Cornell's hotel room released


Lurking Lurker
He also had Xanax (alprazolam) as well as butalbital in his system.
Xanax, as I'm sure some readers are familiar, is a benzodiazepine and the most common drug used for mild to moderate anxiety. (Although in the US the prescribing of this is dramatically decreasing due to the extreme fear put into doctors about benzos and opioid derivative drugs' risk on patients abuse).

Butalbital is commonly compounded with caffeine for use in tension headache/ migraine sufferers. It is another drug prescribed less in US due to the war on drugs because of its "downer" effect.
Besides, both of these drugs are older, cheap meds when compared to the high priced newer drugs being pushed by drug companies.

Because, obviously, those drugs that were formerly used to help scores of people are much more dangerous than exercise equipment and a closed door.

Just think- All the stressed out 40+ hour a week workers with crushed vertebra, rheumatoid arthritis and no insurance might be able to get a hold of cheap, effective, DR prescribed pills to help anxiety and pain! The horror!