[pics] Indian witchdoctor stands on children


These are great days we're living, bros
The Indian Witch Doctor jamun Yadav (50) believes he can cure young children for colds and all kinds of diseases by standing on them. With all his gravity he stands on the small child's neck and abdomen while he was shouting "Jai Ho", according to the Indian Times newspaper. Now, Yadav was arrested by police in the eastern province of Bihar in India.

"This is unconscionable. He could have killed the children," said police spokesman Santosh Singh, according to The Sun.

Yadav is Hindu. When he was arrested, he claimed to use an ancient method of treatment. By trampling on the child's neck he shall have transferred the divine power from his soles to the children.

50-year-old is quoted as saying that he can fight all diseases in Katihar, east India, by using magic.

Parents of children who were "cured" to have been unaware of the method uses Yadav, the newspaper said Yadav said to have been worshiped as sacred in villages in Katihar region and many came with their children to him to get them cured. Yadav has not obtained a lawyer.

He claims God speaks on his behalf and helps him through the trial.




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And before we pass sentence and put the foot of the law up your ass, would your attorney, God, like to say something on your behalf?


I've seen these pics before, at the time I was confused about 'em, now it all makes sense. What bullshit.


Patient goes beep beep beeeeeeeeeep
Imma take a wild guess here and say no, 55kg on a childs neck is usually not fine.
Usually, no, but if the neck snaps, then the child is cured! No more cold or disease!
Same thing with the hips, after a few moments all is cured!