Pieces Of Me Die Everyday (1 Viewer)

Mr. Mayhem

Into the damning well...you all go.
Every time you speak my name
My ears begin to bleed
Every time your near me
My blood bursts into flames
Every time I cried out
You stood there and laughed
Every time my insides cracked
The mind wanted to doubt

Breathe, bleed, suffocate me
Everything burns
Tear, bludgeon, drown me
Everyone betrays
Shatter, decimate, bury me
It's the end of my days

Every time the heart desires
My body starts to a backlash
Every time you stare, I crack
My eyes flicker like fire
Every time I screamed
You stood there silent
Every time I remained defiant
The mind wanted to rebel


Get to running when the Ghoul is a coming. šŸ’€
From the shadows of time I long for you. The rubble of war marching in soilders boots. the murder of time that I have commit. Doesn't feed the hunger from within. A rage of lust unfulfilled. How much will thy time are you willing ye give? For my hour is sweet but short, once it's gone I'll be never more. Laying with friends and family of the past. The grave is cold and not many guest. I wonder in the after life will you cheer to my filled glass. to forfill our house once more. For eternity I wait for your knock at the door.

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