animals Pigs being abused in abattoir


Those idiots destroy our food....I dont have problem killing animals to feed our selves,but at least do it with the right way.... As possible as quick it can be... torturing an animal makes it fear so much that it could get in adrenaline shock and that can deatroy entirely the muscles of the animal so our grandfather was more professional than them ,i remember when i was 5 and we had to kill one of our pigs it was with food trap...we let him eat corn and just put one round shotgun bullet in his head and that was.... :cowboy:


The hair-flip of death
Even my tarantulas dispatch their food animals without making them suffer. When human beings can't accomplish what a mindless tarantula can do easily, we've got a problem.

That having been said, I'm still having pork chops for dinner tonight. No point in making those poor pigs suffer like that for nothing.
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The hair-flip of death
I ain't watchin this shit, I don't even eat swine anymore. A pig eats everything in his path, including his own feces.
Enjoy yer next ham. :blegh:
I agree that pigs are disgusting creatures but they just taste so DAMN good...I mean, plants eat poop, too. I still eat them after a good washing off.:D