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Political Candidate Shot While Live Streaming


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Translation from Portal do Zacarias:
"The candidate for councilor in the city of Guarulhos, in São Paulo, Ricardo de Moura (PL), suffered an attack while doing a live broadcast on his social networks in the Jardim Marilena neighborhood, this Monday morning. He was shot twice and taken to the hospital, where he underwent surgery and remains in hospital for observation.
According to witnesses, the perpetrator of the shots was hooded when he approached the candidate and, after the attack, fled into the community.
The president of the PL in the municipality and candidate for vice mayor, Colonel Flamarion Ruiz, believes that there is political motivation in the crime.
"Our suspicion is politically motivated, since the person did not take his cell phone or money, shot and fled. We analyzed the messages he (Ricardo) received on social media, but we didn't find any that sounded like a threat."
"His health is stable" he said, stressing that Ricardo de Moura was a resident of the neighborhood where he was shot and criticized the management of the current mayor of the city, Gustavo Henric Costa."


Did they shoot the mobile he was on? Or did the footage get redacted a tad?
So much corruption there still. 🤦‍♀️