Poor children

At this level they live usually few hours or days.
There are people who have this in weaker form and they live normal.


The hair-flip of death
"A 34-year-old female, Gravida 4 Parity 3+0, was seen in the emergency room of a tertiary care hospital, in Karachi, with labor pains. She had all previous uneventful vaginal deliveries with healthy and alive babies. The baby was the fourth outcome of a consanguineous marriage, the couple being maternal first cousins. "

And there you have it. It does crop up in some non- consanguineous families if they both carry a history of psoriasis and have the correct genes but in most of the case histories I've read the parents were cousins or some other form of relative. :blegh:

"Usually the gross appearance of fetus is sufficient for diagnosis." I know they mean "appearance to the unaided eye" but yes, the child does look gross.