Preacher Gloats Over The Death Of Another Preacher (1 Viewer)

Ward Cleaver

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Reverend Fred Phelps gloats over the death of Jerry Falwell.

Phelps also gives his explanation of why Falwell is in "hell."

Phelps and Falwell didn't like each other, and it's very comical to watch Phelps gloat with satisfaction and glee over the prospect of Falwell burning in "hell."




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Isn't that bloke the leader of the most hated church in America? The god hates fags dick and they go to soldiers funerals saying they will be going to hell? An absolute bunch of cunts. I don't know the dead bloke but he must be better than them numpty fuckers


ahhh the patriarch of this international american treasure that is westboro baptist church....

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