As long as its better than aliens vs predators requiem.

AVP was great, but requiem sucked


^ avp was better than requiem i've got it ...but i was so bummed 2 predators got killed right away..the one from the 80's film would of fucked all their shit up


About that Acid.
Forest/Mini-Gun/Traps/Team gradually wiped out.
Sounds familiar eh?
Basically a remake of the first methinks,which might not be a bad thing.
I'm gonna see this tonite will let ya know what its like. I want it to be fuckin great ! I really dig both these critters.
there is nowhere enough predator in it, the acting's fine and it looks good. there is nothing that grabs you, there is no WHOA ! at all in it. It was just meh all the way thur Mick, sorry.

I watched edge of darkness last night on dvd and that held my atention better than this even came close to, and i'm no mel gibson fan.

And to boot I did not pay a cent to see it got there free with 3 friends and they were as no-plussed by the whole thing as me. Lets see what someone else has to say about it. I really wanted it to fucking good, but . . .. .. . . .meh.