About that Acid.
wino;2302 said:
there is nowhere enough predator in it, the acting's fine and it looks good. there is nothing that grabs you, there is no WHOA ! at all in it. It was just meh all the way thur Mick, sorry.

I watched edge of darkness last night on dvd and that held my atention better than this even came close to, and i'm no mel gibson fan.

And to boot I did not pay a cent to see it got there free with 3 friends and they were as no-plussed by the whole thing as me. Lets see what someone else has to say about it. I really wanted it to fucking good, but . . .. .. . . .meh.
Well fuck that then.
I`ll probably just DL in now for curiosity.Thanks for the heads up.
Saw it last night... almost fell asleep. Need I say more?

Here's a summary. Bunch of soldiers grabbed from each region of the world awake falling from an airplane. They reach the ground. They argue about stuff. Predators show up and have alien pigs that attack shit and are well trained and do tricks and stuff.

Gonna fast forward a bit ...

Long story short, the predators get killed and the lady and Adrian Brody survive. Everyone else dies.
Then it shows them in the distance... walking towards AN UNCERTAIN FUTURE.


Sound boring?

Lawrence Fishburne shows up and starts pulling a Wesley Willis. It's incredibly redundant and unneeded to have another large black man in this film imo.
One guy is awesome b/c he's like "imma rape me some bitches on Wednesday, you know what I mean?" and then this other guy is like ,"Yea, cool. Bitch-raping Wednesays. Gotcha." Funnily enough, this was the best scene in the film. It's all downhill from here.


We were sitting too far away from the screen. Like we were watching a cubs game from the rooftops behind Wrigley. The film was decent but it SUCKED compared to the first one imo.