Pregnant Anaconda hit by car


I don't get why people keep them as pets as they don't do anything apart from slither about nonchalantly completely ignoring you.
yah they are keeping that snakes as pets , and when the snakes getting big or huge they are afraid and throwing them into the wild , and dont forget that if the fucking snake got u , 100 % it will bite u or kill u ...still hate snakes and afraid of any thing looks like snakes :<_>:


btw when i was little small kid , mom told me and father , that one day when living in lebanon , i camed home from the garden holding asnake in my hands , and the blood is covering all my clothes , and chewed alittle of that snake , it was killed by (i dont know) and i found it , they thought that the snake did something to me or bite me or some thing but the fucking problem that i cant remember any thing of this story (is it true or my mom is the biggest lier in the world and dad also ).


ugh i hate snakes. if i ever see one come up to me i would shit myself.
when u said the word (shit ) u remind me of one story happened with me and it is related to snakes.

once abone atime in lebanon , we were sitting on chairs on the river , and it was very beautiful and special day , all togother gathering boys and girls , and i was the one who is guest there , and suddenly afucking black snake camed from between my legs swimming in the river going directly to the place where the people make shit in , and that time there was afucking beautiful girl inside taking shit in that place , then u can imagine what happened that time , she went out that place screeming and shouting nacked :lulz: and every body went to catch that girl ,, opps i mean snack but no one catch it ( the snake not the girl ) ... and this is the 1st time and only time that i liked snake ;)


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At one time I had about 5 snakes as pets. My favorites were an albino king snake and a red tail boa constrictor. Those are the only two I kept. The others I gave to a reptile house. One was a rare blood python, it bit me several times so I said fuck that guy. It hurt when it bit me and drew a lot of blood but thats what I get for having it as a pet. The king snake was very very gentle. It would curl up around my wrist like a bracelet and I would wear him to school. The boa I had for almost 7 years. She got to be about 7 feet long and as big around as my arm. I fed her chickens and rabbits but feeding her rabbits became dangerous because they fight back and many times she would be injured. So I had to part with her and she went to the reptile house where they could better care for her as well. At least I could visit. That being said I would still be scared of one of those massive pythons/anacondas and I have no feelings for it getting run over. The person who ran it over was probably like "fuck ya". When I had my Boa and she was quite big, my moms friend from Thailand came over and I guess my snake got out and went to the toilet to soak and the lady went to go to the bathroom and guess what she saw! hahahaha! she ran out screaming and wouldnt come back in the house. Now I know why if they have snakes that big in Thailand!


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I don't know, it might be a Reticulated Python, they both say different things.
That is without a doubt a green anaconda.. The guy in the video is wrong about it being a retic so I'm gonna assume he is wrong about it being in Thailand..

Pythons, well most pythons lay egg.. Retics lay eggs..

There are green and yellow anaconda, yellows don't get that big and have a different color and pattern..


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Ugh. It's even more creepy and disgusting splattered all over the road than it would be alive. Put me off my fucking food! :(