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Hey how you doin

This is the leader of our country (oz) hiding/being whisked away by feds in response to a bunch of homeless aboriginals banging on a restaurant window while she had lunch with the opposition leader, the guy being hustled away at right of the photo. PM Bitch looks pathetic. Aboriginals have had a "tent embassy" at our parliamentary building for decades, and the opposition leader made a point maybe it's time they fuck off. Cue angry mob. Good on him for having independent thought, unlike the rest of the hive mind.

this country is currently run by a bunch of soft cock hippies, who stabbed a lot of backs to get where they are today. god fucking help us. Actually this country is run by a two headed faggot from tasmania, our entire government are puppets on his string.

If our PM had a shred of dignity she would have told those cunts "piss off, I'm eating, and while your at it, get the fuck off my lawn you stinking shit eating homeless fucks". But instead she ran away. Good job team.
yeah it looked real scarey, good on Abbott for the comment but I still wouldn't vote for a cyclist as long as my asshole points to the ground.

fuck all them pollie cunts. Allover the world not just here btw

Did ya notice a while back they all got a pay rise ? While nurses and teachers have to battle for years to get 16/18% over three years . . . . . .. dont get me started on their pensions :facepalm:

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