Prisoner Slashes 2 Cops


Let It All Bleed Out
Two Russian cops detained a drunk truck driver who then proceeds to bring out a large knife and start slashing the 2 cops.

One of the cops died at the scene and the other was hospitalized. The latter cop is the person holding the rear passenger door closed as the big dude tries to get out.

Russia, June 19, 2015



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No handcuffs? Even if he is not arrested but they are just "detaining him" the usually cuff him for there own protection. It is Russia though and zhits different but they should have searched him. With that said I'm not complaining about a "DEAD COP".


Let It All Bleed Out
I'm not sure if traffic cops in that part of Russia are armed. If they are, it wouldn't have saved the one cop who had his throat slashed open.

Personally, I've never seen a cop car that did not have some sort of protective barrier between the front and back seats.

And as someone else mentioned, no shake down? No hand cuffs? Even a very badly, poorly trained cop would have some sense to take one safety measure or another to ensure their own safety when arresting a big drunk burly trucker and placing him in the back seat of your squad car.



Why would you not cuff a man in your back seat, with nothing separating you and is bigger than both of you, before placing him in your car??? mall security?