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I love opossums and animals like racoons and skunks, and would love to have one of them as a pet one day. I'm guessing this lady knows what she is doing, but it just seems like she is manhandling the poor thing. I think I'd stick to just rubbing its belly or scratching its back.

I hope she does.
I would like to have another one RIP Fred:(
They act a lot like a cat, Fred used the litter box and groomed himself constantly. He would also greet me at the front door. The only down side is they have short life spans.
I'd always be on edge around a pet like that or a raccoon or a squirrel. Always be afraid they'd just jump at me and start biting, tearing me to shreds.
I like my dog, and she likes me, lol.
Think I'm good where I'm at.


That opposum had a look on it's face as if to say "Fuck off you crazy fucking bitch leave me alone you harpie". :lulz:


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Yeah, I know so many people who have Opossums. I knew one, and the kids broke its back. Very sad.
they're all cute when shampooed and bandana'd... but leave it alone for an hour and it'll poop up your house and eat your cherrio's. FACT.