Protester's 'skull showing' after being crushed pulling down Confederate statue (1 Viewer)


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1 less dipshit to poison the gene pool.


Drives backwards

It's exactly the same, but totally different
sry - one of the murderers was very upset...

Thank you for "correcting" that politically incorrect statement!

Now, could someone with an automatic weapon and an urge to use it on as many as possible PLEASE start with those two?? Please.

Why in phuks name are THEY even out there?? What are they protesting?? They don't look black OR oppressed to me!!

So many confused and lost people.

Drives backwards

It's exactly the same, but totally different
im still waiting for the 2 bull dykes name to appear online...the no titted one was very upset... 😂

Also, if you noticed...that sexually confused person saw that the camera was on it (her) so that encouraged the actions we saw. Just pointing it out. Don't shoot me, I'm just delivering the message...😃


Tehbitch is the greatest..,promise to stop shitpos
yeh - she loved it when it was cool - once it was murder she fucked off pretty least we know that shes got that vision in her mind forever...

Roger Escude

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Ffs please stop pulling down statues you idiots.
I agree 100% I live down here in New Orleans and half of the Confederate statues are still not taken down and,”Take Them Down NOLA “,( A bullshit organization) is bitching about Andrew Jackson that is still in front of the St. Louis Cathedral in the French quarter and I know for sure one of the other ones is George Washington! Do these people think that if they accomplish that then they will try to have George Washington taken off of the one dollar bill? I mean ,where does it stop like really?!?!?They said if the government don’t have it approved to take down then they will take matters into their own hands! OK well at that point I hope the Aryan brotherhood and whatever other supporters of these statues of southern Confederate soldiers Will then stand up and give some support being nobody else well I guess and then at that point I guess I will go hit the street right along with them!
Another thing, there are a bunch of streets down here that are named after Confederate soldiers. For instants, Robert E Lee Boulevard, Jefferson Davis Parkway and a dozen others. They want the streets names changed!! Jefferson Davis Parkway and a dozen others. They want the streets names changed. This shit is getting so fucking ridiculous I swear!
🤔 I wouldn’t be surprised if that clown that got killed well, damn near killed if he dies one of the streets down here will be named after him😒

Roger Escude

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Love how the bulldyke still did the double victory sign, as she was looking at the dead guy!
I bet they both went and sucked off their friend Lenny Kravitz that was sitting next to them after it was all over! You KNOW he talked his way into that NOW ( as of that night )snow bunny pussy
How it started, all he had to do those pull them clothes in a warm embracing comforting hug as they were crying to comfort them and from there he worked his way into them them panties. 🤔It seems like MOST liberals are dumb and easy like that🤔

Roger Escude

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🎼cuz I’m uh split cha wig n dance in ya guts bitch !!!
🎼N when I leave , my name tattooed on ya fuckin nuts !!
🤔 well , I have PART of tha chorus of tha heavy metal song I’m writing about this🤔
well, heavy metal/ Rap similar to Insane Clown Posse style! Remember how beastie boys made that song “you gotta fight! for your right! to paaarrrtyyy!!!!!” it was electric guitar and drum set with a guy that had rapping vocals to the song. Similar to that! and I think that would be appropriate being it is the wrapping/hip-hop flow would be for the dead nigger and the electric guitar bass guitar drums and rhythm guitar would be for white in which was the Confederate soldier.

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