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Is this an Argentinian car?
Both of them. They are the continuation of the Ford Falcon of USA (a derivative of the Mustang). They were practically the same car that the USA Falcon until Ford stopped the manufacture here (1991). The same body, front train, rear train, spare parts, engine block, carburator, etc.. they change some aesthetic details, and some modifications to the motor plant only. Some the spare parts of the cars I bought here in Argentina, and others brought them from the USA because they were cheaper or better.

The first is a Ford Falcon Deluxe model 77 ... The second is a Ford Falcon Sprint model 82 ... Both with 3.6-liter engine (221ci) . 4 gears. Dana 44 rear twin drive power train and with some engine modifications...

A lot of torque. I loved those cars, I had 5 different Ford Falcons ( 65, 77, 79, 81, 82)... Those cars gave me a lot of fun.
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They look nice and very old style. :tu:
I had a Ford Mustang once, a'83 model, 4.9 l, one of these ugly 'Cobras' in yellow and automatic gear. A car dealer I knew had 6 or 7 from these models on his yard which nobody wanted to buy here, so it was extremely cheap. My girlfriend had to drive it most of the time because I have no license. She had an old VW Polo before and was quite happy.:lol:
They look nice and very old style. :tu:
I had a Ford Mustang once, a'83 model, 4.9 l, one of these ugly 'Cobras'
I love old Mustangs, even more the Cobra, but here in Argentina they were not sold. And you could not import from another country being a private one. You had to have an authorized automotive company to be able to import them. The new Mustangs, Camaros, Corvettes etc. they are easily obtained here. But the old ones were never imported.

The only old Mustang that Ford brought was the Fox Body.

In the car mechanic shop that I inherited from my dad I had a V8 Mustang Cobra engine. I always wanted to attach this engine to one of the Ford Falcons, but for lack of time I could never finish putting that engine together. I must have the pictures of when I was building that engine, if I find them I'll pass them on.
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