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Utter bastard
The seaweed on the stairway. Is that from the waves or the tied?
I'm not totally sure, I think it's just loose clumps of seaweed that just get snagged up on high tide, I'll be moving 5-6 minutes walk from this beach once all the legal stuff goes through, it faces to the east so if I can be bothered to get up I'll be able to get some sunrise photos, and if I head in the other direction I'll get sunset photos, and both beaches will be awesome for electrical storms :)


So today I'm hiking through the woods and im following these old decrepit train tracks. And then this. Now what? I was hoping that they'd lead me out of the forest...so i curled up in the fecal position, had a good cry until I heard a voice come from my right side...about six feet away was the bike path fer fuck sakes. I shouldn't have posted this

Denim Chicken

Woefully beefless
Train with graffiti, port
of Los Angeles.

downtown LA skyline yet again I like skyline pics.


Extremely fat and dirty man at bus stop south central L.A

Cool looking but dilapidated house, south central LA

all are from today 10/22.

Sorry for the shittiness of these pics but Im driving and not even looking at what Im photographing most of the time 😂

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