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Rape suspect found dead

Discussion in 'Murder & Genocide Images' started by Nex, Sep 29, 2015.

  1. Nex

    Nex You've Heard It All Before

    September 27th, 2015

    Manaus, Brazil

    The body of an unidentified man was found in the early afternoon on September 27th, around noon, in a vacant lot, located on the street Salvador, district New Victory, East Zone of Manaus. According to reports, the victim allegedly tried to rape a woman in the neighborhood.
    Police found the victim, partially naked, and harnessed with his pants down to his knees, he was found by a resident of the area when picked up fruit, then triggered the police.
    The victim showed signs of punctures and physical assaults by the body. A knife was found near the scene of the crime and taken to experts.

    A resident who declined to be named have reported that the man was seen in the neighborhood trying to rape a woman who asked for help from neighbors. The man was arrested and taken for the alleged neighbors to the place where he was killed.

    "The place besides being dark is frequented by drug users. Here there is no policing and becomes common practice and meeting people involved in drug trafficking, however, is the first time there is a crime with death on the spot, "said the resident.

    The Fire Department was asked to remove the victim from the place of difficult access. The case will be investigated by the Specialized Police Homicide and Kidnapping (DEHS).

    RP_Suspect (1).jpg
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  2. Nex

    Nex You've Heard It All Before

    More or less it's a feel good story, with some photos :cool:
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  3. 1fktmind

    1fktmind The meaning of life is that it stops.

    杀一儆百 .... Kill 1 to warn a 100 ....
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  4. hecknatude

    hecknatude What the heck!

    What comes around goes around.
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  5. Bethy


    I hope he got sodomized before death came :fapfap: no empathy at ALL!
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  6. goreyfan

    goreyfan Lurker

    Meh , shit happens.
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  7. Fantasic

    Fantasic Walking talking contradiction

    Good job :tu:
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  8. Honest One


    Hope he died with blue balls.
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  9. Mental Puppy

    Mental Puppy Mors Est Salus Moderator

    The rapist got raped and killed good ol brazilian street justice two thumbs up....
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