Rapist told woman he was HIV positive as he laughed at her


Registered Offender
A man who laughed in a woman’s face as he pinned her to a bed and raped her and then told her that he was HIV positive and had hepatitis C has been jailed for nine years with two years suspended.
Lovemore Dube (25), who was born in Zimbabwe, has a South African passport and came to Ireland in 2005, pleaded guilty to raping the woman in her home in Cork, and to the theft of house keys, on July 23rd, 2012.
At the Central Criminal Court sitting in Cork yesterday, Mr Justice Paul Carney said Dube had abused the woman’s hospitality by returning to rape her when she was alone in the house less than an hour after she and her fiance had invited him in for coffee as it was raining.
“When he was left alone with his victim, he effected a long, gratuitously violent and gratuitously insulting rape which left the victim severely injured and severely traumatised,” Mr Justice Carney said.

Ivan Drago

Nine years? so that means he will be out in about six years if he behaves. Was he H.I.V+ or is that just something else to terrorize his victim with? I am sick of hearing about bullshit sentences like this that woman will never EVER be the same again and that cuntish twat will just go about his business when he is released as if nothing happened. So he will be deported so fucking what...well actually I am assuming he will be deported...if he gets a good lawyer they could bring up some fucking human rights issue which will allow him to stay, this shit is almost as bad as that Muslim guy that had sex with a minor but was spared jail because the judge accepted his excuse that he didn't know any better, fuck off liar.


Serial Killer has been made.....
Every day at noon, walk in with a 45, put 1 bullet in , spin the chamber and fire......if it fires , then his pathetic life is over, if not then repeat till it does happen....nothing like staring down a barrel not sure if its going to happen otr


Short Bussed
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Honestly, why let him out? He "escaped" his shithole of a nation -- Zimbabwe where the money is not worth the paper it's printed on. Before the Zimbabwean economic collapse, they were printing TRILLION Dollar bills. No shit. I understand now they are using another nation's currency because theirs is so worthless.

Sadly, when they release this turd he will destroy some other person's life. You can bet on that.


Another good import to your land Maxy Gain ..... sadly this happens all too often in our countries . I think that there should be a system that if you commit a crime within a specified time - then are simply refused your right to stay in that country and are sent back to place of origin . No immigrant is ever given a full passport to their adopted country only permission to reside there provided they observe that countries laws and way of life .


silent ghost
if she were my sister,id be waiting for him as he walks out of prison. I tell you that much! he will be eating pureed and wont be needing his dick for the rest of his life