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Nice article on Recep Erdogan, Turkish President/Islamic trash who's been playing both sides of the field with ISIS and 'The West'. I have nothing nice to say about Turks as it is, but this just reinforces my view they are spineless people.

  • The president queried why it was their country used the term “kampus”, derived from the English word campus, instead of the old Ottoman Empire word for places of learning.“Should this be the word?” he asked his minister rhetorically. He repeated the question to his audience as he opened the new wing and then answered it declaring the word kampus would no longer be used and instead be replaced with “kulliye”, derived from Arabic and during the Ottoman times meaning a collection of buildings about a mosque.“It would be a first in this new period,” the president concluded. Educators and universities made note and began changing their names.
  • Fuat Ozgur Calapkulu, a provisional leader of Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party (AKP), used the “C” word (Caliph that is) for his boss on Twitter, although he later said he did not mean the man was creating a caliphate but rather was just a leader who is visionary, powerful and a protector of the oppressed. In other words, a Caliph.
  • After a school in the east of the country was rebuilt last year following a collapse from an earthquake, it was Erdogan who cut the ribbon on the school’s reopening and announced he was changing its name from Ataturk primary school to Tenzile, after his mother.
  • More recently in December last year Erdogan announced he was making the Ottoman Arabic language compulsory in some high schools; it was Ataturk who in 1928 replaced the Arabic alphabet with a Latin-based one and dumped other Persian and Greek terms in favour of a new Turkish language.
    The change, Erdogan said, would reconnect young Turks to the roots of their nation and allow them to read the headstones of their ancestors.
  • THERE was something quite disconcerting, or even uncomfortable, to watch as ISIS began slaughtering the Kurds of Kobani and see Turkish troops and tanks sit on a hill top and watch the action through their 8x30mm binoculars. It was the Turkish Government’s indifference to their plight and outright refusal to assist that NATO noted as a concern. (Turkey has been a NATO member since 1952.) They would later be furious when Erdogan refused to allow US fighters to conduct bombing raids on the ISIS assault on Kobani from the NATO base in Turkey.
  • n May 2013 the government announced it would bulldoze Gezi Park and build a recreation of an Ottoman barracks prompting environmentalists and others to stage a sit-in. Police in riot gear rammed through the protest with batons and tear gas, sparking worldwide condemnation. Protests grew and by June police began to use guns to disperse the movement.
    Erdogan claimed it was nothing more than looters and alcoholics police were controlling, but by the end of the ensuing riots 11 people were dead, more than 8000 were injured and 3000 more had been arrested.
  • He has also pushed for a restriction on abortion, caesarean sections and birth control, said womens’ duty was to have more babies (three to four as a minimum) and not consider themselves the equal of the man and bizarrely, and quoting the Prophet Muhammad, told his nation to stop waste by starting with not buying white bread and pushing for a restriction on white flour in favour of whole wheat grain bread.
  • When a corruption scandal touched his family his government cancelled the probe, he accused some of treason and took tighter control of the judiciary.
  • And Turkish history should note that America was not discovered by Columbus, Erdogan claimed, but rather unnamed Muslims three centuries earlier. dailytelegraphworldnewsndm (Daily Telegraph | World News)
In Turkish physics, there's only one particle they learn about, the Allah particle!

"In the beginning, Allah created the universe, and everything is Allah!" - Durka Durka Mohummed Jihad


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Ergodan is disappointed bcause Turkey wasn't affiliated in the European Union in the last years. Now he plays the Islamic card to profile himself as a 'true believer' and conservative politican. And he tries to misuse the Kurds as a private army in the conflict with the 'Islamic State'.
He's a dictator 'light', but the most Turks I know see him positive. That's their case scenario: Ottoman Empire.


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