Religion...To Each Their Own?

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A 30'ish man and woman from a local Baptist church came to my front door yesterday (right around supper-time).

They started by offering me a "Jesus Saves" pamphlet (which I politely declined), and then proceeded to inform me that those who do not "know" their Jesus are "lost" and in "darkness," but those who do "know" and "accept" their Jesus are "found" and in the "light."

I politely asked them why they proactively came to my door with their pamphlet and their proselytizing.
They told me that they were attempting to "reach the 'lost'," and were doing so "out of 'love', and with a 'humble' spirit."

I responded to them firmly, but very politely (because I view them as pitiful sheep who are unable or unwilling to think for themselves).

I instructed them that it was the direct antithesis of a "humble spirit" to profess that they are "found," and that anyone who doesn't believe what they say is "lost." In effect, they are proclaiming a form of self-righteousness.
I asked them if they could not see the duplicity and hypocrisy of their mindset.

The young man remained silent, but the young woman...after a few seconds...told me that they should be able to "believe the way they want to believe without being criticized." Then she went on to say..."to each their own."

I then instructed the young woman that I really have no problem with the concept of "to each their own," but I advised her that I was not on her doorstep instructing her about my beliefs...but instead, she and her gentleman friend were on my doorstep instructing me about their beliefs.

I asked her how she would respond if I came to her doorstep the following evening and instructed her that she was "lost" unless she excepted my beliefs.
She told her male friend it was time to go, and as they were walking down my porch steps, she turned and told me..."I'll pray for you."
I immediately responded by telling her..."That is just another statement that is more evidence of your perceived self-righteousness, and self-righteousness is the main thing that your Jesus condemned." They both then continued walking away without saying anything else.

And therein is the inherent problem with "religious" people in general, and with Christians in particular...
They like to pay lip-service to the words "to each his own"...and yet they proactively and sanctimoniously attempt to infuse their beliefs into politics, into schools, and into the homes of other people.



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There was a knock at my door one evening about a year ago so I opened the door and stood there was a black man and a black woman. Straight away they launched into the God speech. I stopped them in their tracks by saying "I'm sorry but I don't agree with the principles of your church", they both asked "Why?", I replied "Because there's too many fucking niggers in it!". Blacks turned white, chins hit chests and I've never seen anyone leave my doorstep so fast...........unless you count that door to door salesman that wouldn't fuck off when I was on my third can of Skol Super!

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As a former Christian I couldn't agree with you more. When I was part of the church and there every single week I couldn't see what I really was. I couldn't see how much of a self righteous, arrogant, bigoted person I was. The church taught us that we were special because god choose us out of billions of people to be his select, saved people. He selected us to be his children and heirs to his kingdom. He took us from being slaves and made us part of a royal family. When you think those things about yourself you can't help but feel a sense of superiority over all of the "wicked, lost, sinners" or the world. I'm still a bit of an asshole now that I've abandoned my beliefs, but I don't go around pretending like I'm perfect and better than everyone else anymore.


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I learned about this at the same time as Santa Claus and the Tooth fairy. Not saying it isn't real but a better time to teach this or not teach that which one believes isn't real could be a good plan. The universe is beyond huge and mankind is dumb and evil. Many forgotten just as we will with years to come. What is really waiting for us? Earthworms?


Once had a mate who said I’ve never met anyone on any kind of God trip that’s was right in the head,I can’t argue with that.
I currently live in the bible belt of the United States, I feel like I'm in the twilight zone sometimes. The good thing is the Internet has enabled people to consider other perspectives, unfortunately religion seems to be a fear based programming, so intellectually entertaining alternative perspectives may not work as the fear based trauma(indoctrination & conditioning)is so deeply ingrained at such a young age.

It's funny though, my brother became an atheist at 16 years old, then when he got married at 25 he somehow became super religious, I sat him down all alone one night and asked him to cut his shit, he looked me straight in the eyes and said he believed in Jesus Christ now. He either has zero integrity or genuinely now is a believer in Jesus.

My father wasn't religious either, but now that he is on his death bed he tries to preach to me how great his life is now that he's found Jesus. It's a common theme for people to seek religion on their deathbed, as death, or more specifically "fear of the unknown" scares the shit out of people.

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Religion is fine at a personal level go all out I say . it's the pushing it on to young kids at schools that I really don't like it's indoctrination of very susceptible minds. Oh and of course anytime it's used to bring in laws as well.