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What I mean is everything which is good.
Not that hooomans shitty things....
You cant just cherry-pick what your God is responsible for on only the good stuff. According to the bible, your God sent bears to kill 42 children because they made fun of one of his homies for being bald (Eliseus i believe) ; he also made Lot's wife turn into salt because she broke a rule she didnt even know existed (looking back at Sodom and Gomorrah) ; Leviticus 21 : 17-24 is all about your God claiming that all people who are ugly or deformed (blemishes on their face, blind people , etc) are to be stoned to death. If youre ugly or deformed , go worship another god, ok? ; your God originally also wanted to kill Moses because fuck it, whats one more, i am God after all. Didnt do it because Moses' wife cut her son's foreskin and threw it at Moses' feet. What the actual fuck? Ok. ; Ordering his worshipers to kill their children, genocide after genocide, he helps Samson commit murder on 30 strangers because he lost a bet.

There's plenty more "good stuff" your God does in your own scriptures book, but i think thats enough to put my point across. Maybe you should consider that your god was conveniently created by a band of bloodthirsty, child mutilating tribes to virtue signal everyone else. Because to me, according to your scriptures, it makes sense.

I dunno, just a thought.