"Revels of the Rock Gods"


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The following pieces of art (oil on canvas) are the work of Chinese artist DU Kun and depict several different Chinese rock stars.

With these pieces, he incorporates the 4 elements (earth, wind, water and fire). The detail is truly amazing.

These are very large files that I enlarged - click on them to see the full size.

Closeup shots of the art pieces will be left as thumbnails that can you click on to see the full size.

DU is a musician and he also works as a professor at the Beijing School of Art.

Set 1.

1-a Chinese artist DU Kun - Revels of the Rock Gods.jpg



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Yes... I saw that this is a thread from 11/16, for those that would like to troll.

I had to go back and double check that you wrote "oil on canvas."

Unbelievably detailed. Start zooming and looking, they're amazing. They look as though they could be actual structures. Talented doesn't even come close to his gift.

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