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Investigators believe Logan shot and killed 48-year-old Diana Lynn Logan and their son, 11-year-old Aaron Logan Tuesday in their Sugar Land home. Then, police believe Logan drove to San Marcos in Guadalupe County, where he physically assaulted his daughter.

Logan is accused of choking his daughter, according to Doug Adolph with the City of Sugar Land. He said the daughter had bruising around her neck. The daughter did not report the physical assault to the police, officials said.

Logan reportedly left the location of this attack and killed himself at a different location, Adolph said.

The Guadalupe Sheriff’s Office said it found Logan’s body with a single gunshot wound on the property of a company called TAS Environmental. Officials said Logan was not an employee of the company or affiliated with it in any way.

The handgun recovered at the scene of the suicide is believed to be the same weapon used to kill Diana and Aaron, police said. Police said they are investigating the case as a double homicide as a murder-suicide.

Police said the forensic testing results are pending.


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Wow, wtf? The guy just went off the deep end. He was a pastor too. It just goes to show you that believing in made up gods doesn't automatically make someone a good person.


Maybe it was a case of mother and children against father. It's common. The husband and wife have marital issues one turns on the other and involves the kids. Egos deflate and .38s are bought

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