Robber tussles with martial-arts expert, gets beaten and shot

inappropriate behavior

Your apology is accepted :)
Anthony Miranda ((police photo))
December 05, 2011|By Liam Ford | Tribune reporter
A man who tried to rob a mixed martial-arts expert at gunpoint found himself no match for his intended victim this weekend, police said.
Anthony Miranda, 24, faces a charge of discharging a weapon during a robbery in the Southwest Side attack, which left him wounded in the ankle and badly bruised from his confrontation with the 33-year-old man he robbed, police said.


These are great days we're living, bros
they took the best photo of him too. All that space above his head subliminally implants the notion he's retarded or something, and probably about 8 inches tall


silent ghost
what a stupid fuck. only people from chicago are that dumb! he figured he has a gun,it would work for a mugging/robery. hahahahahahaahahahahaaaaaaa