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A collection of decomposed woman bodies. Please fee free to contribute.

A Brazillian girl went missing after attending a party. Her corpse was found in a bush several days later.

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Bad girl
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A Thai girl died from drug overdose in a car for two days...
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Woman Body Found Quartered Inside Bag in Dam

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Bad girl
A prostitute was murdered and left decomposed in 2014. Police found cosmetics and condoms in her handbag.

Woman who would be program girl is killed with a shot in the head. Corpse was found by painter. The pictures are strong!

Inside the bag of Claudia Andreia Ramalho de Souza, 23, had several condoms and a crack pipe.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Woman who would be program girl is killed with a shot in the head. Corpse was found by painter. The pictures are strong!
The corpse of a supposed program girl was found this morning (19) around 8:20 am in the district of Córrego Farias, rural area of Linhares, near Lagoa Encantada. The victim was identified as Claudia Andreia Ramalho de Souza, 43 years old. Her body was found by the painter Alessandro Santos Muniz, who worked on the renovation of a residence on one of the sites in the region.

According to the owner of the site, Paulo Coelho, he was fired by the official on Friday morning reporting that he had found Claudia's body in an advanced state of decomposition. As soon as he learned of the information, Paul called the Military Police and the Civil Police. "My employee smelled strongly since the beginning of the week and today morning (19) decided to go through the property and found the corpse," explained Paulo.

According to the expertise, apparently Claudia was shot dead in the head. "It was the only visible mark we could identify. The body is in an advanced state of decomposition which makes any further analysis difficult," said one of the experts.

The assumption that Claudia would be a program girl, according to the Expertise, is based on the various condoms that were inside the victim's purse, as well as a crack pipe. All the documents of the victim were also in the bag: identity, CPF and voter's title. The body of the victim was devoured by vultures, according to the Expertise.

Cláudia's body was referred to the Linhares Legal Medical Service, in the center, for the identification of relatives. The crime should be investigated by the Linhares Crime Prevention Office (DCCV).








Bad girl
Woman's body found without organs
in March 28, 2015

On the afternoon of Friday (27), the body of Wendy Suzy dos Santos Freitas, 21, was found in a lake in Tarumã, in the West Zone of Manaus.

The young woman was found by residents of the area, who activated the police, and then the Fire Department, since the body was in an area of difficult access.

Wendy's body was in an advanced state of decomposition, and the organs had been taken away, a way to slow the body down.

According to witnesses, Wendy lived in Riachuelo Park and was a beautiful girl, however, involved with people involved in various crimes.

The Homicide and Homicide Police (DEHS) will investigate the case.

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Bad girl
Desaparecida – Wendy Suzy Santos Freitas

The Civil Police of Amazonas, through the Specialized Police Department in Political and Social Order (Deops), requests the collaboration of all in the divulgation of the image of Wendy Suzy Santos Freitas, 21, disappeared since last Tuesday, 24.

According to Wendy's father, Erivan Correa de Oliveira, the young woman left the house where she lives, located at Avenida do Turismo, in the Tarumã neighborhood, in the western part of Manaus, around 4pm. Still according to her father, Wendy had been threatened a few days ago by drug dealers in the area where she lives. The woman is also a drug user.

Still according to information of the father of the girl, Wendy measures approximately 1.65m of height, has curly hair of black color, is thin and brown.