rotten leg- bones amputated with wire

Discussion in 'Medical' started by _Xtina_, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. _Xtina_

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  2. Vita Von Dahmer

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    The wire is called a Gigli saw,it's supposed to have a small clip-on handle on both ends it's usually done with 2 people.I know that he has vascular disease but I've never seen one where there was not one drop of blood & with the patient awake.I'm sure that room stinks.eww. ailing-smiley-emoticon.
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    Krokodil addict right? Saw this somewhere before but cant recall. Its associated with usage of Krokodil.
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  4. LilyCuster

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    Damn. A little relieved to see that he was in a wheel chair with that shit. Would have been too freaky to think he's walking around. Well, of course not anymore.

    How long did it take for it to get that bad? Anybody?
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  5. msr

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    With all of the connective tissue gone, it would have been almost impossible to walk.
    Anyway, fuck that shit.
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  6. R a n d o m

    R a n d o m af9yTg2fNlDqHcOFkK

    Part of the clip is in this Vice TV documentary about krokodil in russia.
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  7. Bethy

    Bethy Sometimes life aint fair kiddo!.

    Thanks 4 the video!. I watched the whole thing as i just couldnt stop! Its horrifying watching these ppl stuck in addiction!. Feeling helpless and desperate!. Your watching addiction at its worse and its really sad :(
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  8. Honest One


    I'm fucking speechless. :<_>:
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  9. Dead Memories

    Dead Memories hoo howdy

    Yeeeeah.. the flesh was eaten away a little too cleanly.
    Definitely a krokodil user.
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  10. Mental Puppy

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    That is some disturbing stuff, to be awake during that takes legs... No I mean balls... Lol :nig:
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  11. Yumisan

    Yumisan Horror Show.

    "This wire can cut flesh and bones easily... kiri kiri kiri" It reminded me of the "Audition" movie.
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  12. you're never speechles, my friend ;) but yeah.
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  13. DeathHand

    DeathHand Let It All Bleed Out

    It looked like he had a tattoo on his lower leg that was given the piano wire treatment...
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