Russia May Ban MTV


Glory To Russia!

The owner of MTV, Sumner Redstone.... aka Murray Rothstein.

The initiator of the bill against promoting homosexuality, transgender and pedophilia in St. Petersburg is now calling to shut down MTV, as he believes it corrupting the viewers.

United Russia deputy Vitaliy Milonov believes that MTV has "crossed all boundaries,” Interfax reports.
“I think that there should be no such channel,” Milonov says.

According to the deputy, most programs broadcast on MTV are vulgar and immoral, and can’t possibly have any positive influence on the channel’s viewers, who are mostly teenagers and people under 35.

Milonov also noted that MTV was once his favorite channel, yet it has drastically changed over the years. “They had great music, zany cartoons, not like now,” Milonov complains. He also noted that the problem of low-quality shows on television can be solved if a special Morality Council is introduced to influence the “moral image of media.”

MTV has been broadcasting in Russia since 1998, and was mostly dedicated to music. But in the 2000s, when other Russian entertainment media began to drive away MTV’s viewers, the channel’s broadcasting policy changed. The media exceeded the number of entertainment shows related to sex and relationships themes, fashion and beauty.

Earlier this year St.Petersburg’s Governor Georgy Poltavchenko signed a bill introducing high fines for promoting homosexuality, transgender and pedophilia in the city.

The bill has already scooped massive criticism from the LGBT community in Russia and from Russian and international human rights organizations.
Fuck the international community and fuck the LGBT community in Russia (not literally of course, unless you want to be a 90 pound sack of blistered shit.)


lol, that is a classic picture. Always puts a smile on my face. Same as when the last mayor of Moscow, the capital, called homosexuality 'satanic'. :D


groovy chicken
MTV has sucked for the past 20 years anyway. No big loss, Russia, unless you like faggy bullshit and stupidass reality shows.
I wish they'd ban it here too, or just play music videos like they use to. I'm sick of the morally depraved shit they've been spewing in recent years.