Russian Shotgun Suicide Mosaic (2 Viewers)

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I've got this really dated Windows app that makes mosaics, it's slow af, crashes a lot and I have to convert and resize the results myself because the images can end up about 2GB in size sometimes(!) But the results come out well and the detail is great up close, so I stick with it.

I took a screenshot from the video, upscaled it and fixed the colour, then picked about 750 random gore pictures, resized and cropped them square, and let the app do it's thing.
There are 13200 tiles in the image in total, 7500x2475 px @ 7.2 MB (hosted on imgbox). If you click the pic, it's hotlinked to the direct image where you can see it up close and full size.



I'm sorry if I have offended you
That is one of the best shot gun suicides Eva...his head ends up looking like a half let down balloon...The other good one, is the thoughtful fella that spread out the blue tarp first to make clean up easier...

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