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The Night They Dined in Hell: Russia After Sagra

  • Sagra’s ethnic Russian inhabitants, who frightened off an invading horde of 50-60 ethnic Azeris, based in Ekaterinburg, with criminal ties to Sergei ‘the Gypsy’ Krasnoperov, likely a drug dealing scumbag who disrupted the law-obiding serenity of Sagra, by moving there.

Roughly two weeks ago, there was a pitched battle in a village called Sagra, located about twenty miles outside the city of Ekaterinburg. The police tell one story, but the locals’ own version of events goes something like this: several of the town’s ethnic Russians were burglarized by associates of Sergei Krasnoperov, known around town as ‘Sergei the Gypsy.’ In late June, two locals, Zubarev and Gorodilov, visited Krasnoperov’s house on the edge of Sagra, where they accused his day laborers of stealing from them. Some people got smacked around, and the Russians left, hoping the issue had been resolved.

Krasnoperov did not wait long to respond. He and some of his scarier-looking friends visited Zubarev’s house the next day, telling his son at knifepoint to convey to Sagra’s Russians that ‘nobody messes with The Gypsy.’ When Zubarev learned about the incident, he confronted Krasnoperov and demanded an explanation. This time, Krasnoperov challenged Zubarev to a fight, who accepted on the condition that the brawl would be fair and honorable, occurring the following day. The showdown was scheduled for 4pm on July 1st, but Krasnoperov’s people never showed up.

At 11pm, however, word spread from the town’s outskirts that a caravan of 10-15 cars filled with “blacks” was en route to Sagra from Ekaterinburg. “They’re coming to kill you,” the callers warned. Not long thereafter, a motley crew of nine ethnic Russian men assembled at the town’s entrance. Armed with pitchforks, three hunting rifles (one unregistered), and just four bullets, this “Spartan” army (as blogger and activist Alexei Navalny called them) succeeded in repelling Krasnoperov’s men before they could enter Sagra.

The police arrived at the scene just as Krasnoperov’s men finished their retreat — a delay that would make contentious the exact chronology of when Sagra residents actually phoned law enforcement about the unfolding violence. The nonlocal assailants all escaped, except for unlucky Faig Musaev, who died in the crossfire. Musaev, an ethnic Azeri and illegal immigrant from Georgia, was the only casualty. In a move that has aroused the angry suspicion of Russians nationwide, the police’s investigation focused initially (perhaps solely) on the Caucasian murder victim. Zubarev and Gorodilov claim to have been interrogated by detectives who threatened that, only with an official confession, could the state protect them from a likely blood feud. Masaev’s uncle, they said, was the infamous ‘vor v zakone’ mobster ‘Zaura.’ He would be coming for revenge, the police warned.

While the Russians were questioned, investigators reportedly waited seven days before sweeping the crime scene for bullet shells and discarded weapons. Sagra locals claim to have conducted their own search during this time, turning up dozens of casings and abandoned cell phones (which they turned over to police).

Seeing the writing on the wall, Sagra’s residents turned to outsiders for help. The local police were intent on keeping the issue quiet. Zubarev and his group were being written off as ordinary hillbillies guilty of mass brawling. They needed the nation’s attention. They needed to shift from a story about murder to a tale of invasion. To change the debate, three major talking points would emerge from Sagra, each an issue that regional and federal authorities have tried hard to downplay: ethnic conflict, illegal narcotics, and the indifference, corruption, and overall low quality of Russian cops.

AND apparently the Russian Nationalists have came to help them out with better weapons for the next round, if there is one. And the Nationalists in Russia are armed to the teeth and trained to kill.


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