Serious Salman Rushdie was stabbed today (1 Viewer)

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I remember shouting RUSHDIE!!! out of my car window a number of times in the early 90s when I saw what I've now come to know as Snackbars


I predict the Guardian and the BBC will wind their necks in and reduce the number of peacefuls and random ethnics on display in articles/TV shows, to comprise maybe only 75% of any crowd of random people (instead of about 95%)... for a fortnight or so

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I have searched and I don't see this in the news thread. Apparently he still has a 3million bounty on his head . link
Shit idefk the dude but for 3.3mil even id stab him lmfao, he really trusted the laziness of people too much (he said he wasnt worried about the bounty)


don't do that
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Apparently, the man they arrested said he stabbed him for insulting Islam, and when asked if he'd read the book he said only a couple of pages.
Typical extremist idiot behavior.