Screenshots thread

I know right, holds its own in PvP tho, hope bungie ups the light lvl on this baby
Light level is such an asinine system... I'm just waiting to see what their plans are for the sequel. If it's anything like the last few updates, I won't be interested. I stopped playing the week that TTK came out.
No, Spicoli, the thread is called Screenshots, not Selfies!:lulz:

I fuckin hate switching to Trevor because 9 times outta 10 he's waking up in his underwear drunk as fuck in the most random places. Or being chased by the pigs on the freeway and I gotta deal with that shit. Ever huffed gas on his front porch? I won't make that mistake again. He's my favorite character though.


Scarecrows with scissor-hands are the scouts of the enemies in 'Grim Dawn', sneaking at you from behind. Silent and fast.



'Take on Mars' - Not a real game, but it is relaxing. At the moment I have to drive an old Mars rover and perform some 'experiments'. Successful work rewards you with money you need for the next missions.