Seal Team Six


So a mate sent me this photo, of the killer seal team who took out the trash. But I'm not sure it's them, there is something very wrong with this pic.

What do you guys think ?

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It is a action figure line..already seen them. It's also impossible for any actual seal team 6 members to be photographed with evidence that they are that. It's strictly forbidden to link personal images to that group because of the severity of the missions they do. It's out of protection that the Navy doesn't allow that to happen..even with masks I would think its still not happening.


any Spec ops guy worth his salt would NEVER have a photo taken of himself. As a lot of missions happen behind enemy lines and there's always the concern a terrorist group will go after family in retaliation. Spec Ops (SEALs, Delta, Recon Marines, Rangers.) before missions will remove any tags identifying them (last name on uniform, branch tag on uniform and american flag) that way the OPFOR will have no way to know who they are or what country they are from. I met a few SEALs from my time in (Combat Medic with Recon Marines) and they spoke numerous languages. One SEAL spoke primarily English with a heavy german accent when in the field, second we were on base he had a southern drawl. Also why they refer to themselves in nicknames or by team code names when on mission.